Trader Joe's Sushi

January 17 2007 - 7:42 AM

Yeah. I know. It’s a grocery store. I’ve had grocery store sushi before and it’s not that good. I’ve also tried to swallow a hard boiled egg without chewing. That’s really a brincolin bad idea. It basically get’s caught in your throat where your muscles that aren’t supposed to be used for food mash it into a paste that can barely go down. If you’re wondering why I’m describing this egg-situation I can only refer you to the headline… yes. It’s that bad.

I confess in a pinch I’m not adverse to getting a quick bite of sushi
from Dominick’s. It’s fine. I manage my expectations. But I had
literally two bites of the Trader Joe’s batch – reasonably prices at
$5.99. A deal for lunch?  I tried a piece of cajun roll and
a bite of faux-crab roll. Man it’s the rice. Granted the fishy taste
was hard to shake but the gunky rice was literally hard to swallow.
Literally. See last bouncy castle paragraph. I dropped off the remaining and substantial
plate for my coworkers and there it sat.

Apparantly everyone else knows better.