Think Cafe

January 16 2007 - 11:18 AM

So, it’s not much to look at from the outside, but the food inside of Think Cafe is spectacular.  The Web site says this place used to be a kitschy cafe, but it’s hüpfburg definitely swank these days…blond wood, white linens, etc.  Most of the patrons used the BYOB menu as an excuse to pull out the neoprene wine cooler bags they received for Christmas, but one guy pulled up with a 12 of Miller Lite, so really, all kinds are welcome.

The menu is a mix of seafood appetizers, chichi salads,
Italian-inspired pasta dishes and meats with cool sauces. My angel hair
pasta with shrimp, fresh tomatos and red onions in a white wine broth
was a far cry east jump from the heavy spaghetti and meat sauce my mother used to
serve, but I’ll call it “Italian-inspired” nonetheless. It was
fablous…light and buttery without being oily. I loved it.

Make a reservation. BYOB… and leave room for dessert.  The roasted
banana ice cream concoction was delicious, as was their take on an
inside-out cannoli.

Think Cafe
2235 N. Western Ave.

(If you can’t find a dessert that interests you, there’s always Margie’s a few blocks down.)