The Ketel One Club at the United Center

January 13 2007 - 10:56 AM

The Ketel One Club is the season ticket holder dining room where if you shelled out lots of money for your tickets you’re obviously in a position to drop too much money on food before a hockey game.

There’s a concept issue here for me and I think the season giochi gonfiabili ticket holder as a customer is the only way to rationalize why anyone going to a Blackhawks game (in my case) would opt out of the hotdog and beer dinner option with an appetizer of nachos and another beer for dessert. But it takes all kinds. So what do you do? Give them a TGI Fridays menu at a Ruth’s Cris price.

I got a burger and it was livery. As soon as I heard a bad burger
described as tasting like liver I became able to tell good from bad in
lots of cases. It was livery. Maybe their steaks are better but their
burgers taste just defrosted. Following a very good Ketel One
martini… it is the namesake, I was hankering for dinner and as a
testament to a bad burger I couldn’t even finish it. The waitress asked
no questions as to why basically the whole burger was left on the
plate. Either it happens often or she just didn’t notice.

A friend got the french onion soup and there was a piece of cheese
bread floating on top. It was a quick assemble and not the type of soup
you’d expect from anywhere other than a cafeteria.

This meal was over a weekend where I lost a credit card. I thought I
may have left it inflatable water slide here. It was the last time I used it. Getting a
response from the restaurant was extremely difficult and took 2 days.
That was pretty annoying. I had to make many calls to get a response.

All I can say is that the Blackhawks are usually guilty of a bad
season. It’s never as bad as this Ketel One joint. Granted it’s pretty
much a corporate lunchroom but even corporate America deserves better…

Dine with the masses or grab a bite before the game.

The Ketel One Club
United Center