Superbowl and Food... what are you eating?

January 31 2007 - 10:06 AM

I think the question is what not to eat on Sunday. Certain sporting events have a signature menu item like a Mint Juleps or even a signature meal – Breakfast at Wimbledon… but the Superbowl oddly enough does not have a consistent food theme. Thanksgiving football has the turducken¬†gonfiabili thanks to John Madden but not the Superbowl. If pressed I would say the potato chip is at the top of the heap, surrounded by other salty snacks on the shoulders of various hunks of meat and 2 liter bottles of soda… empty beer bottles strewn around the mound.

For years the teams that make it into the game bring their specialty
eats and lay claim to this years food champion. In this case Chicago
Hot Dogs and I’d assume BBQ ribs for Indiana. Usually this involves a
bet of some sort between mayors 10lbs of brats for 5lbs of lobster for
the Packer/Patriot bowl… or something like that.

I’d, in jest, like to nominate fresh fruits and vegetables but nobody
would vote for any of those. So a stand in for Indy should be Foie
Gras… we can’t even eastyl eat that here. We’re not allowed. And for
Chicago? Maybe cocktail weiners and a note that says “we didn’t want to embarass you.”

Go Bears…