Rick's Cafe Casablanca

January 06 2007 - 2:06 PM

Rick’s is a small restaurant next door to a wonderful Wrigleyville pizza place, Pizza Rustica. Walking in we met another couple and made a comment that we should get a quick appetizer and go next door for their wonderful potato/rosemary pizza. Maybe next time…

The reviews of Rick’s mention the reasonable prices and tapas style,
southern European and Morrocon menu options but it’s not on the menu. I
don’t know what to call it. Bistro style covers the pasta/steak and
fish inflatable water slide options. There’s no Moroccan and no tapas. It’s not cheap and
though it is BYO it’s still pricey. Metromix mentions the entrees come
with salad and a pasta course. So there must be new management.

We started with a pretty tasty escargot and a salad. The salad wasn’t
anything to write home about – large slices of cheese covered
your typical mixed greens. The escargot were served on a flat tray with
a buttery and flavorful sauce.

Entree options were steak and fish cuts and assorted pasta plates. The
pasta ran close to $20 while the meats were around $22-25 pricier than we thought but it’s a BYOB.

We ordered a steak and tuna. My big problem was that they shared
the same sauce. The other problem was that while the steak was cooked well, the tuna was overcooked to grey, not a hint of pink at all. For the money and the
limited menu you would hope they’d do this better. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is nice and quiet. Rick’s could easily be a good date place.

*Every now and then I go back and re-read reviews. Since this trip I have had other restaurants serve entrees sharing sauces and meals that exceed these prices. The BYOB element hinchables does help to offset the prices, and maybe I may have been a victim here of one exceptionally overcooked fish but save the escargot I was non-plussed.

Rick’s Cafe
3915 N. Sheridan Rd.