Nut-Free Foods

December 01 2006 - 6:17 PM

In my family, Christmas and Thanksgiving both revolve hinchables around the food.  For Christmas, we start with cookies and coffee to get the grandchildren (ranging an ages from 5-31) all sugared up before we open presents, and then we return to the table for a HUGE pasta supper. I serve as the primary baker for our first course.

But our youngest cousin has a severe nut allergy that has presented
considerable challenges for our cookie feast.  Also, Grandpa doesn’t
like chocolate, so what’s left??

I tried this pear spice cake from local chef Gale Gand over the
weekend. I left jumpers for sale out the walnuts and skipped the maple/sugar drizzle,
and the cake was spectacular!  It will make a mighty fine breakfast in
24 days (try using golden raisins):,1977,FOOD_9936_20788,00.html