Champage 2007

December 30 2006 - 11:13 AM

Champagne, at least to me, is the easiest of wines to grasp. I glaze over when I start to think of all the different reds and whites. Sparklers are easy to keep track of – especially restricting yourself to a single region. Here are a few choices for all tomorrow’s parties.

First and foremost get a larger bottle before 2 or more bottles. Champagne in magnums or larger drink better. They sometimes even cost the same and that big-ass bottle is no joke.

Under $20 – It’s fairly common to find and always worth the money, Joseph Perrier’s yellow label is the $20 yardstick that you can measure against. They’re priced just mechanical bull for sale higher this year so if you’re getting a couple, I’d combine it with the Bernard Massard or the Albrecht Lebrun. Those are both in the $15 range but they’re not from the region. Trader Joe’s has a Jean Maire that’s $18.99 but I didn’t enjoy it.

$20-$30 – Drappier has several different labels so ask your purveyor. They’re all very good. I’m not a big fan of the Brice bottles. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge is a solid bet and often available at the grocery store!

$30-$40 – Cliquot is the most drunk Champagne in the states. If you’re looking to get some recognition this may be the best bet. Bollinger is not to be confused with Beringer. It’s my favorite. Palliard’s brut is great and very toasty. You get a few options for Rosés and Demi’s at this price range but the Billecart Rosé is over $40 and their Brut is one of the best bottles you can find.

$40-$50 – As mentioned Billecart offers fantastic wines and you can get
into either the Brut or the Rosé at this price. The Rosé is wonderful
but I prefer their standard Brut.

$50-$60 – You can get a 1.5 mag of Cart D’Or Drappier at Sam’s in this
price range. It should drink as well as any of these others and you get
twice as much!

Note: These are Sam’s prices on Marcey downtown – Thanks Charles. They don’t include taxes.
$84.99 Perrier’s 1995 Josephine is as good as anything. Compared to the
$150+ bottles it may scivolo gonfiabile not be as intense but most people enjoy that.
$120.00 Dom – everyone knows that they have to “enjoy” this
$129 will get you Krug’s blended Brut
$149 will get you a bottle of Cliquot’s Grand Dame.
$177.99 will get you the best bottle of the lot. Henri Giraud is so
good I can’t even explain why. If I could afford to have a “brand” this
would be it.
$220.00 Cristal – If you can afford it it’s a fun wine to get people’s
attention with. It has an individual taste that isn’t for everyone.
$232.99 Krug Vintage – It’s not ready to drink yet. Don’t buy it.