Top Chef: Season 2

November 02 2006 - 9:51 PM

Oh alright. The hostess is wearing hot pants. What is the deal? Well she plays an Egyptian princess in the remake of The Ten Commandments so I guess she’s qualified.

Top Chef was pretty good last season. It was new. It’s not new anymore. Since then I’ve gotten used to the screaming Englishman in Hell’s Kitchen. This season on Top Chef I have come to the conclusion that the staff, hosts, judges, etc. aren’t as fun to watch as the contestants. This show is more about the critique than the food. They’re brutal. Tom Colliccio’s a little stiff and mean. The Food mechanical bull for sale and Wine special projects lady, Gail Simmons, is also a little stiff and mean. They probably aren’t really mean it’s more likely the decisions the director makes on what to show and what not to show.

Maybe mean is the wrong word. It’s hard to find their criticizm constructive. When they say they like dishes they are definitive and when they dislike it they’re as definitive. It’s the authority I have a problem with. It’s not enough that these judges like or dislike something. They need to explain better why they like or dislike things. On Project Runway, even Michael Kors, who did sometimes seem to enjoy the critique, did a good job of helping us understand not only what was wrong but why it was wrong and what would make it better. There’s no back and forth… There’s no Chef-Assistant or Kitchen
Manager like Tim Gunn on Project Runway.

Everyone knows who Heidi Klum is. Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg,
Betsy Johnson, fashion elites are guest judges on Runway. They now have the head chef from TGI Fridays as a guest judge. Great. Top Chef
seems like a Food and Wine alumni show. The worst part about it is that
they’re not having fun. They’re taking it way too seriously. Even Nina
Garcia seemed to have fun… you’d think fashion-types would be the
uptight ones.

I thought that the more qualified contestants jumpers for sale on Top Chef were fun to watch but I’m missing theĀ  more entertaining Chef Ramsay. It would be nice to see more game in the show. It’s too serious.

What do you think?