Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches

November 01 2006 - 10:13 PM

I’ll admit it. I go to Starbucks fairly often. I get it at the office and over long car rides. But I just get coffee. No lattes, mochas, frapps, etc. coffee… black. But I have started getting inflatable slide assorted pastry before a decent car ride. I tried the flax seed braid that actually isn’t half bad but I recently tried a breakfast sandwich thinking that it’s gotta be better than McDonald’s.

Well it reminded me more of your breakfast options at Subway. The
sandwiches look good in the case but they use their
convection/microwave type oven to zap the sandwich into a
cardboard-like state. The flavor problem may be a result of the low fat
turkey bacon, cholesterol free egg and fat-free cheese. What was I

Now I can diverge here and I feel I should. The florentine option may
taste great but is it reasonable to expect that out of the four
sandwiches they mechanical bull for sale offer they should all taste at least okay. The low-fat
option flat out was so bad I wince thinking about trying any of the
others. I fear the oven. The Subway breakfast options are all ruined by
the zap. For now I’m sticking with the maple oat scone and coffee…