Prairie Moon

November 30 2006 - 1:29 PM

So much food, so little cost.  Prairie Moon offered a large amount of really good food for little money.  Our bill for the night before Thanksgiving was under $50 for two fish entrees, a beer and a martini (and good, warm, sourdough bread at the table).  I could have made two meals out of the plate had I exhibited any self control, but when the food is that good, why bother.

I enjoyed the fish and chips – buttery soft fish in a crisp, deep-fried breading  Served with skinny skin-on fries and yummy tarter sauce, who can beat it?  Complemented by a good cold Stella Artois,  I was happy.

My vegetarian friend found lots of options on the menu as well.
She opted for the biggest piece of tilapia I have ever seen, with her
choice of cooking styles. She chose the corn meal crust just because
the waitress said it wasn’t as spicy as the blackened style. Tacos come
"some assembly required" – a foil wrap of soft shells and a few dishes of
condiments were alongside the plate of fish.  I tried the tilapia
plain and was happy, so I assume the sauces were good, too.

My only complaint was that they were out of mint at the bar, and
thus, no mojitos.  But in the end, the beer went better with my fish. 

We ate at a table in the bar area, which was comfortable and allowed
for easy conversatin between friends, but the dining room looked
really cool.  I’ll try that on my next trip.

Prairie Moon
1502 Sherman

(the real menu is MUCH larger than the one online!)