Infused Vodka Focus Group

November 18 2006 - 4:06 AM

GordonsI had a houseguest from Birmingham (UK) who mentioned that she loves skittle-flavored vodka. It’s something I think I’d like so it’s the next experiment. There’s an endless variety of additives like Jolly Ranchers, Gummi-things, bubble-gum, etc.

Crack a bottle of vodka, do 2 shots and add a packet of Skittles. Let it sit a week shaking it every chance you get.

The big problem inflatable water slide with dissolving a pack of Skittles in vodka is the
hydrogenated gunk that ends up floating around in it. All it means is
that you need to filter it out. Given that the Skittles have turned the
vodka into a sticky, staining mess it is an extra step that I don’t
really appreciate.
It does taste like Skittles… shaken with Red Bull and look out.

Needless to say, I began adding less staining and less sweet items.

I bought 5 bottles of Gordons and decided on a less sweet approach
for the rest. After a Haloween party/Flavored Vodak Focus Group we had
some winners and no real losers but some also-rans.

Into each of the 5 bottles went fresh mint, dried mango, crystallized ginger, dried red pepper (hot) and fresh dill.

The created drinks were pretty specific. The mango and ginger
vodkas, either or both, were mixed with soda, seltzer and a splash of
currant juice. The spicy red pepper vodka and the dill were mixed with
tomato juice and mechanical bull for sale combined into a really nice Bloody Mary. The mint
vodka was the first to go as it was the primary ingredient in a simple
mint martini, shaken over ice.

With vodka martinis the thing to remember is that if it’s frozen
vodka and you like shaken martinis the vodka will be too cold to melt
the ice appropriately. Room temp vodka shaken makes a better martini
(at least I like a bit more water).

NOTE: This post potentially serves as an excuse for future posts that have
many spelling errors at best or make little to no sense at all at worst.