Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza

November 06 2006 - 5:03 AM

OK… I saw the ad for Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza and thought. Hmm. That should work. My problem with Domino’s is that their crust is rarely cooked through and the cheese has that uniform crispy bubbling. I would think they’re cooking them in ovens that are too high.

I’d think they do this to churn out more pizza and get them to you
faster. It ends up tasting jumpers for sale mushy while being really hot. Either that or
the cheese is mealy and that’s what I mistake for undercooked crust.

So the thin NY style pizza should alleviate that problem. It
doesn’t. I don’t know how it doesn’t allow for a cooked through crust
but upon examination it still seems mushy and mealy and since we’re
living in Chicago there is absolutely NO excuse to order from Domino’s.