Sabri Nehari: Kunnah Paya

October 31 2006 - 8:51 PM

* Sabri is recovering from a fire late November. They are not currently open.

My entertainment book coupon expires on November first. I went to Sabri Nehari this evening. When push comes to shove and you have several expiring coupons you can castelo inflavel tell where your allegiences lie. I thought what could be better than Nehari and chicken makhni? I mean it’s basically orange and black. How festive!

A casual flip through the menu brought me to a curiousity. A sticker was stuck in between 2 printed entree options that read Kunnah Paya. No description. So I asked and the waiter’s eyes literally brightened. He explained it as like nehari but better. He said that definitively. What was I to do?

It arrived and looked almost exactly like nehari except that it was on
the bone. This posed a few problems. I had a tough time stirring it up.
Nehari is fairly filled with ghee and that means occasional stirring
which was hard with the paya.

I guess I have to say that I’m spoiled with nehari. It’s relatively
easy to eat and the gravy is the real story. Kunnah paya, which is goat
foot stew as the waiter inflables indicated by pointed to his lower leg, is
tough. It’s got that whole gristly bone thing going for it… on the
whole it’s likely the bomb if you’re looking for authentic pakistani
soul-food but for most of us the flavor and scent of nehari is unique
enough. At least for me it’s enough to go boneless.