OYSY– What Happened?

October 18 2006 - 7:31 AM

I went through a phase where I was eating lunch at OYSY often. Then I had a bad super-white-tuna lunch special that really didn’t sit well. I figured it was an unlucky meal but hadn’t gone back since.

Roughly 6 months later I was wandering around looking jumpers for sale for lunch and figured I’d try it again. I was part in the mood for sushi and part wondering whether I’d been just unlucky that once and since I hadn’t mentioned that meal here I figured this time, I’d mention my lunch.

Well… it started with a cold bowl of miso soup with a big chip in the
rim. Since you could very well drink out of the bowl it was more than
an aesthetic issue. It also was a very large chip – how everyone missed
it is really not forgivable. But the soup wasn’t doing anything anyway
so off to a sub-par start.

The OYSY lunch box comes with 4 or 5 components and is quite a deal at
$13. However considering that nothing is really that good it may not be
such a deal. The side that fared the best was the iceberg lettuce with
a Japanese dressing. The tofu cake may have been cooked in old oil as
it was bitter and very unpleasant. The sushi was alright but bland. The
salmon was not the least bit buttery, the tuna had a mealy texture but
the unagi (eel) was tasty and the snapper was pretty good. All the fish
was fairly dried out and I think the snapper hid it the best.

The mixed roll side included 3 piecces of a spicy tuna roll that was
good and a mechanical bull for sale california roll had shredded faux crab and the sticky rice
stuck more to the adjacent pieces than the roll… not so good.

The last side was tempura – shrimp, carrot, green bean and sweet
potato. This in addition to all the other items push the deal button.
The tempura was pretty tasty but oily.

Again, I felt that the meal left
me wanting, not for more food, but smaller portions, that are better controlled
of better quality food. It seems like Oysy started with a band and while you are likely able to get specialty rolls that work well everything else seems on a misguided autopilot. For downtown sushi the best bets are still Kizoku and Aria Bar’s new sushi bar.

For a downtown $13 lunch the portion and variety are commendable but you get what you pay for.