Langostino All-the-Rage

October 04 2006 - 8:16 AM

SO I see this morning that I got about 1500 hits as of 8AM regarding langostino. Apparantly Senator Olympia Snow is causing a stir about  calling them lobster.
I find it odd that there isn’t anything more important going on politically this morning but so be it.

Is this what the fuss is about?

The POWER of food.

From the Bangor Daily News…

“Langostino is not lobster,hüpfburg nor should it be marketed as such,” Snowe

Langostino is Spanish for prawn, but Kristen Millar
of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council says the langostino is actually
a pelagic crab.

Where can I get this for $4/lb?