Indian Gourmet

October 17 2006 - 7:12 AM

One of the perks we envisioned upon moving to Edgewater was the proximity to Devon and all of the Indian and Pakistani restaurants that we’d be able to order delivery from.  Shortly after we moved in we went to Devon and started collecting menus from our favorite places, as insuflaveis well as from those on our list of places to try.  Unfortunately, to our great disappointment, none of them would deliver.  They claimed it wouldn’t taste as good.

Back at home we rummaged through our stack of solicitations and local delivery menus and happily discovered Indian Garden, specializing in home cooked Indian meals that are delivered!  The menu was pretty substantial, with all the familiar meat and vegetarian dishes we love.

We ordered the Mulligatawny soup, Chicken Tikka Masala (our old stand-by) and a new dish, Palak Ghoast – which is a lamb curry with fresh spinach and said to be the house specialty – naan and rice.  It was more expensive than we usually pay for delivery at 12 bucks per entree but the portion sizes were massive.  We had enough food for three meals.

The Mulligatawny was extremely thick and came with a rice ball in the middle.  The taste was a little bland and the consistency so thick that we ended up using it as a dip for the bouncy castle bread.  The chicken in the Chicken Tikka Masala was a little over cooked and again, the sauce a little bland and thick.  Finally, the new dish, the Palak Ghoast had the same result – a little bland and thick.  I guess we are just use to dishes that are more fragrant with tender meats and sauces you want to big spoon without the rice and naan.  We really didn’t get that with Indian Gourmet but we did get delivery, which was the goal.  Maybe the other places that deliver are right.  When you get Indian food delivered, it doesn’t taste as good.

Indian Gourmet is DELIVERY ONLY
Call them at (773) 761-5751