Bobby Nelson

October 16 2006 - 7:00 AM

BobbyJust north of the WI/IL border is the Mars Cheese Castle. It’s giant
sign, a beacon to some. It’s a landmark that can clue you in to the real
place to go.

Drive past the castle and head back towards the southbound
entrance ramp and just before you get on the highway, pull off to the right into the
lot of Bobby Nelson’s. You’ve found sausage nirvana.

The sign should bouncy castle resonate. You know you’ve found something. From cheese
curds and port wine cheese to aged cheddar you’ll find it. Pickled
stuff, jams and jellys it’s all there. All the typical Wisconsin items
are there– syrups, gift items etc.


But that’s all filler. The real reason to go is the meat. From summer
sausage to landjager (awesome beef jerky-type thing) – mitt or mittout,
meaning with or without garlic. Their brats are great. The jalapeño
brats are a real treat. They’ve got it all and they’re friendly enough
to answer anything. They’ve been in business for decades in the shadow
of that big Mars Cheese Castle sign but are really the place to go.