Olive Mountain Restaurant

July 15 2006 - 1:07 AM

In need of food we picked Olive Mountain over Mount Everest having never been to either. A quickly served appetizer of falafel suggested we made a jeux gonflables good choice. Olive Mountain is a few blocks from the Evanston theatres and it is a great way to have a reasonable and what could be a rather quick meal (if need be) before a show. What’s best about Olive Mountain is that the food is really good.

The tahini sauce that came with the falafel was thicker than I
remember ever having it but very tasty. Entrees come with soup or salad
and the lentil puree is fabulous. The salad with the mint dressing is
good. I was expecting diced cucumbers, tomatoes etc. But it was a mixed
green salad with a few oddities added. The dressing made it unique.

We tasted the taouk (kebabs) both beef and chicken and they were
both tender and seasoned well. The bed of saffron rice buried under the
meat steamy and perfect. Only the chicken shwarma was dry and not
seasoned much. I’ve had scivolo gonfiabile lamb shwarma and crave it so I was disappointed
that the chicken version was pale in comparsion. The ground lamb kebabs
were terrific and if ordering again I’d focus on the meats and less on
the poultry – ordering the chicken kebabs if inclined towards fowl (bit
of a pun there… get it?).

The menu is quite reasonable, the pita is warm and the food is fresh
and quite tasty. There are many options for vegeterians and those with
big or small appetites. They do also have a lunch menu and the best
part is that you can print coupons from their website.

You have no excuse not to try Olive Mountain.

Olive Mountain
610 Davis Street