July 05 2006 - 1:01 PM

From the light-up sign one could correctly guess that the Candlelite has been around for a long time. They did close but quickly reopened when a group of regulars bought them back into existence. Obviously people like the place. The crowd included families and a section inside had a reunion going on… Congrats to the Class of ’77.

I had a recommendation that they would solve my burger jones so went
for the burgers. Cracker-crust pizza is the menu item of reknown and it
certainly looked good on other people’s tables. Next time we’ll try it.

Since the earlier post Hamburger Mary’s has opened and it serves up a
wonderful burger. The Candlelite offers more of a bar atmosphere but
accomplishes a good burger. It’s more in the vein of a Blackie’s, very
simple patty, tasty bun, a good option is the Merkt’s cheese fries.

While the pizza is what I’d be going back for I wouldn’t shy away from the burger. The service was very good and the patio on Western was very Chicago. Tuesday’s is 2-for-1 pizza night. Maybe next week.

7452 N. Western