Spacca Napoli

June 26 2006 - 12:16 PM

A nice walk to a new pizza place would be a good appetite stimulant and help digestion on the way home. The only problem was when we realized that Spacca Napoli was on Sunnyside, not Summerdale. So we stopped at Joie de Vin, next to Pauline’s on Balmoral, had a glass of wine and then started our additional mile-long march for pizza.

A total of 2.7 miles usually means eat like gonfiabili a pig but somehow we didn’t. We simply ordered the four cheese pie, two more glasses of wine and the antipasti plate. While it’s not enough to really judge this place, it was a tasty evening and delivered on the artisanal wood-fire style pizza where we were disappointed by Pizza D.O.C.

The claim to fame at Spacca Napoli is that they use Italian
ingredients- Italian flour, Italian oils (obviously), etc. and cook it
in the traditional way. Pizza DOC does this as well but we found the pies soggy rather than springy and their ingredients to be average. That being said the only pizza we’ve had at Spacca Napoli has been the four-cheese.

The four cheese sat on a thin and doughy crust that had a distinct char to parts of it and a light and airy quality at the same time. The gorgonzola came through strongly as it usually should and on the whole it spurred the debate whether we should try a pie with tomato sauce. The answer was next time, but soon.

The antipasti is sometime a tossup for me. I’m not a huge prosciutto fan. I feel it can taste very aged in a way I don’t appreciate. This plate had meats all with fresh flavor while¬†bouncy castle for sale retaining their distinctness. The olives were very fragrant and not very vinegary. The green olives were light and looked like evergreen-colore cherries. They were great. We had olives at Joie de Vin earlier and while they were very good, these were unique.

The restaurant was very crowded and they usually don’t accept reservations for 2. The way to go to this restaurant is in a group of 4 or more where everyone gets a different pie and you can taste around the menu. The flavors and ingredients are all pretty interesting.

We’ll be back.

Spacca Napoli
1769 W. Sunnyside (NOT Summerdale)