Northshore Cookery

June 02 2006 - 12:23 PM

Cooking food is second only to eating food, in my book, and when you find a place that allows you to do both well AND be social at the same time, you just can’t beat it…

I conned my husband and  two friends into taking a couples cooking class with me at Northshore Cookery up in Highland Park. It’s a Chopping Block-kind-of-place in the ‘burbs, where every class is hands-on. On this particular night, our instructor helped us make an entire meal on grill pans: we smoked a brisket and grilled chicken skewers (and made yummy BBQ sauces for each – chipotle for the meat, cherry for the poultry).

We grilled seasoned corn, and then for dessert we grilled peaches
with brown sugar to go with toasted pound cake.  The store’s owner
spiked lemonade at the bar in front, though I enjoyed the red wine they
had available, too.

At the end, we feasted!  We shared a big table with classmates from
as far away as Iowa, as well as our friends and some really nice people
from the area. The food was delicious, and my husband is confident  he
can  make it again at home (they gave us the recipes). The instructors
were great, too, peppering reasonable instructions with good humor and
their own personalities.  We’d all go back in a second.