Meson Sabika

June 13 2006 - 6:06 PM

Picking a restaurant for a party of 7 when not everyone knows each other (but they all know the guest of honor) is not easy. Tapas usually works, offering something jumping castle for the vegetarians, the heavy carnivores, and the picky eaters.  A 30th birthday dinner for a friend-of-a-friend at Naperville’s Meson Sabika was my best domestic tapas experience yet.

First, we arrived at the time for which we had made a reservation, and
they seated us promptly. The restaurant is in an old mansion, and
stunning.  The ladies room was especially nice, too. We stuck to
sangria by the pitcher (red and white) at our table, but the bar looked
like it could have served every taste.

We let everyone pick two dishes to pass around the table, and nearly
every dish was delicious.  The tuna rolls (not at all sushi-like) were
a good cold starter, followed chateau gonflable by warmed cheese and spinach-stuffed red
peppers, perfectly done steak bites, stuffed mushrooms, a few random
meat dishes, and the always popular goat cheese coverd with tomato

One guest from central Illinois liked the chorizo dish, which
means it was mild enough for every taste, but not at all dry. The
shrimp tasted a little too fishy for me, but that happens in the
Midwest. It being a birthday, we ordered profiteroles for dessert –
cream puff-like pastery stuffed with ice cream and chocolate sauce –
and could have licked the plate.

It’s part of the Emilio’s family of restaurants.

Meson Sabika
1025 Aurora Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 983-3000