How many ways to say: Egg in a Basket

June 09 2006 - 10:35 AM

Almost every time I eat breakfast at my folk’s house my mother makes
me a “donut egg” which is a piece of bread with
a hole in it, a fried egg, cracked into the hole.

I think everyone has had this breakfast. I was in line for an omelette this morning and heard two people talking about V for Vendetta and bounce house for sale how they used to have “Eggy in the basket” (as it was called in the flick) all the time. The response was, “Yeah, me too. We called it ____.” I forgot what she called it but it was something I’d never heard before.

Here are some alternate names…

Egg in a basket, spit in the eye, egg in a hole, bullseye egg, toad in
the hole (note, in the UK this is a sausage pudding concoction), eggy in the basket, doughnut egg, birds nest, bird drop,
rocky mountain toast, egg with a hole in the middle. It’s also
sometimes called a Moonstruck egg (with peppers and Italian bread, but
I think that may be pushing it since the ingredients can include
veggies, and seasoning.

What do you guys call it?