Arya Bhavan

June 07 2006 - 12:26 PM

Arya Bhavan is a small vegeterian Indian spot on Devon. I had a coupon which got sucked into my dashboard but went anyway. We’ve been impressed beforeĀ hinchables at Udupi Palace (until the incident) and unimpressed by Annapurna’s take on fast food veggie Indian. I was excited to potentially have a good veggie spot to mention on Devon.

The place was relatively empty. While the other table was eating off
the buffet, we figured that it was likely there untouched for a bit and
besides I wanted to try the Paneer Tikka Masala. We started with
samosas. They were the best part of the meal.

We usually get samosas and almost always prefer the veggie to the meat
versions, always trying both. Arya’s samosas were wonderful. Lighter
and crispier than most, the stuffing was spicy and very flavorful.
Nothing lost, all the flavors gelled well together.

In addition to the Paneer Tikka Masala we ordered the Chana Masala and
the Bhaigan Bharva (spelled differently everywhere we go). The eggplant
was the best. It was smoked lightly and melted into a great dish that
went with either the nan or the rice. The Paneer Tikka Masala had many
green peppers in it and that messed with the tomato base in a way I
didn’t really mechanical bull for sale enjoy. The Chana Masala was a good counterpoint because
it was a similar base without the peppers and it was very good.

The veggies all seemed more undercooked than we are used to but that
wasn’t a bad thing. Chana Masala for example is sometimes cooked to a
point where the chick peas easily go to mush with your fork. The chick
peas at Arya were firm and flavorful. I might say that I prefer them
cooked more but I appreciate the difference more. There is really
nothing lost or gained either way. The sauces I think could be cooked
more and if that means the veggies need to as well than fine.

None of the dishes, save the samosas, really impressed me. They do have
their liquor liscence so it’s not a BYO and that means a larger tab.
The food wasn’t cheap, neither was it expensive. So In short… it was
pretty good. Based on the samosa I would think that their breads and other dishes might really rock. I’d go back for them but am not going to rush out anytime soon.

Arya Bhavan
2508 W. Devon