1492 Tapas Bar

June 02 2006 - 7:35 AM

I decided to pop into 1492 Tapas Bar for a quick bite before a movie.  I wish I had saved the calories and heartburn for buttery popcorn and soda instead.  With so many good Tapas inflatable slide restaurants to choose from (Emilio’s, Café Iberico, Café Ba-Ba Reeba etc.) the not so good ones really stand out and although I didn’t order that many plates on their very extensive menu, I feel like what I did order would not prompt me to return and try more.

The restaurant itself is pleasant enough, with four different dining levels in a converted grey stone.  Each level is small enough for a group to enjoy conversation, which is quite different from the before mentioned Tapas Bars that always seem to be rather noisy and lively, and incidentally, a lot more fun.

I started with a Tapas stand by, warm goat cheese in tomato sauce.  I found the sauce to be pretty bland, with large chucks of tomato and celery that that made it hard to spread on the bread.  I’m accustomed to it being rather smooth and hearty, sometimes with a spicy kick.  This version was too watery for my taste.  Next I ordered a cold plate of potato with a homemade mayonnaise.

I pictured it being some type of exotic Spanish potato salad.  What I got was literally two boiled red potatoes, each cut in half, slathered with about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and sitting in a pool of olive oil.  It didn’t look particularly appetizing and didn’t taste much better than it looked.  Next inflatable water slide came grilled chicken on skewers with saffron rice.  After two strikes I began to realize that they are very literal with the menu.  No interesting rub on the meat.  No memorable sauce on the plate that makes you want to sop up every last ounce with your bread.  Finally we were served mushroom caps stuffed with crabmeat and vegetables.  Really nothing else to describe here, it came just as the menu said.  No surprises.  Not even any fun garnish.  Nothing.  Oh well. Like I said, there are many good Tapas restaurants to choose from that the not so good ones really stand out.

1492 Tapas Bar
42 E. Superior St.