Lunch at The Fish Guy Market

May 17 2006 - 7:57 AM

My first visit to the Fish Guy Market on Elston was part of my langostino quest. I had started at Fulton and headed north. It was a bit after noon and I was tempted by fillets being grilled castelo inflavel for other customers. For something like 8 bucks you can pick your fish and get it grilled on a roll with a wonderful herbed mayo.

Sushi_fish_guy_1The case was stocked with lots of interesting options and I settled on
the black bass. The roll was toasted and crispy and I haven’t had a
sandwich this fresh since a halibut sammy at Pike Place market in

The Fish Guy Market also does sushi classes, hence the picture. A
conversation about Illinois Sturgeon Caviar is being very slowly edited
down. I’ll be posting it in the near future.

The Fish Guy Market
4423 N. Elston