Is it Wrong to Talk About Top Chef?

May 19 2006 - 12:17 PM

Top Chef is definately better than “Idol” and you could easily make correlations between finalists to some extent but I sensed and shared a reaction to the booting of Dave last night. It seemed that he won one of the three contests and came close the other times. Tiffany came in dead last in all three if you are considering the eaters reactions. Dave forgot a dish in the final round.

Likely it was due to his hysteria but sitting on my couch we didn’t get
at first that it was three dishes mechanical bull for sale for each of the contestants either. I
remember them presenting it as “You will be making three dishes for…”
not “Each of you will be making three dishes for…” as there were
three finalists there was confusion on the viewers end. The fact that
Dave didn’t get it even after noting what the others were doing is
obviously his fault. The hosts could have done a better job of
explaining the scenario (for our benefit at home, not to mention
Dave’s) Also if the omission of a dish a DQ, it should have been said
that way.

That’s a failure to communicate.

BTW.. Harold wins.
I can’t think of any show with more obvious outcome.

Who is the host? Billy Joel’s wife?