U Lucky Dawg (Fluky's no more)

April 24 2006 - 12:47 PM

I wanted a burger. I went to Candelite and they were closed. On the way up Western we passed U Lucky Dawg and I figured well… they have burgers.

Sure the current owners of U Lucky Dawg have owned Fluky’sĀ jumpers for sale for the past 8 years. Why they go and change the name is a total mystery. But I learned something this weekend. I think it’s good advice and feel that I have to pass this on to you.

Do not order a hamburger at a hot dog stand.

I had a chuckle when a comment was posted complaining about Gulliver’s
thin crust pizza. Well it’s a pan place, why would you order a thin
crust? In my case the writing was on the wall. It’s a hot dog stand.
Get a hot dog. Enjoy eating it outside. Don’t bother with fries. If
you’re thinking about fries, get another dog instead. Get a soda if you

My hamburger sucked. It was really livery and had a very shiny look for
a “charred” specimen. I won’t get into it any further. You likely got
the gist in the first paragraph.

Some folks like to have a dog at every stand and if you’re one of these
folks then by all means toboggan gonflable go for it. But if you’re limited to a special
occasion hit superdawg or the Wiener’s Circle or Downtown Dawgs or
anywhere else. If it was still called Fluky’s I’d be easier on them but
without the name what do you really have? Boiled dogs and crappy
condiments, lousy fries and reallllly bad burgersĀ  (seriously – worst burger in a LOOOONG time).

U Lucky Dawg
6821 N. Western