Foodies Wanted!

April 27 2006 - 7:31 AM

I am about to hightail it to the UK for a brief vacation or as they say across the pond… holiday. It makes me wish that I was more keen on pursuing one of my goals for… A particular issue I take with food critics is that while I appreciate the investigation and eloquence I wouldn’t assume that one palate fits all. The original concept of Chicago Foodies was (and still is) to create a variety of opinion, impression and taste.

As you can tell I gravitate to northside restaurants and tend to save a buck. I also make no bones about mentioning/focusing on the Edgewater, Andersonville, Rogers Park areas – see Andersonwater Park in the margin-menu.

Here’s the bottom line. I wasn’t shopping it around inflatable obstacle course until now. Chicago Foodies is looking for 4 guest writers. All it means is one posting a month minimum. Nothing more than one “I have this awesome restaurant” or “I had this awesome experience” or “I would really like to eat more” or “?”

The site for better or worse is attracting lots of visitors and that means community. There are other great sites out there like and and, etc. but they’re all a bit different.

If you feel you have something to say on a regular basis, that’s more than a passing comment, or you think there is attention needed somewhere specific (like the south side?!) click here (or on the contribute link in the margin) and let me know that you’re good to go. I can set you up ASAP.

I can’t eat everything, even though I want to.

Thanks for reading.