Three Brothers

March 05 2006 - 6:25 PM

Three Brothers, which opened in 1956 in Bay View, is perfect this wintry time of
year. It’s in one of the
original Schlitz taverns and is a perfect setup for traditional Serbian

It’s on the South side of Milwaukee bouncy castle and it’s a 2002 James Beard award winner. Considering Chicago traffic, if you’re in the Northern suburbs a jaunt to South Milwaukee may be a quicker evening out than a venture downtown. It’s worth it.

Among assorted roasted and stewed meat the specialties are goulash and
burek. What can you say about them? They are as good as what they are.
I’m not a Serbian expert but the claim to traditional recipes and dishes I don’t doubt.


The iceberg lettuce salad was spartan and the Serbian/Baltic wines are
all a bit goofy but the beer selection is the way to go anyway. Big
bottles that stand up to the big meaty and vinegary flavors that
reminded me of a variety of meals. I had meatballs in pickled cabbage
which was very tasty and jumping castle though I left much of my cabbage it was
filling and terrific. The other dishes had lots of paprika, potato
dumplings, filo pastry… leave some time to savor everything.

The restaurant has a wonderful retro feel to it. It’s staid and by
retro I mean authentic… not deco bowling alley. The vintage bar is a
real sight. It’s a place that belongs in Milwaukee and deserves out of
town guests.

Entrees are quite reasonable as most are under $15.

You want me to draw you a map?

Three Brothers
2414 St. Clair