Taqueria Uptown - Tacos al Pastor

March 13 2006 - 12:49 PM

Tacos al Pastor is something some people crave. Like good french onion soup or the perfect pastrami sandwich… the perfect burger even. It’s the type of thing that takes kitchen space and a rotisserie, not to mention a big hunk of pork.

On a weekend walk about where we found ourselves on Ridge and Broadway we looked at El Norte but it seemed really empty and there, across the inflatable water slide street, was “Taqueria Uptown” a more non-descript name I could not invent. It’s a bar counter and a few tables and sits on the North East corner of the Broadway/Bryn Mawr/Ridge corner.

You get chips and beans when you sit down. The menu’s pretty big and
instead of huevos I saw Pastor on the menu and asked if it was the real
thing. The waitress said yes so I got 2 tacos. A chicken burrito was
also ordered with an horchata, a cinnamon rice milk drink that tastes
like rice pudding. You run the risk with pork tacos of super fatty gristly meat and if
you’re really unlucky an horchata that’s made from powder.


The tacos were terrific. Served with soft corn tortillas and a couple
of split small limes. What more to say? I saw the rotisserie on the way
out and I’ll be back for more. At $2 a taco they’re gold. It’s funny
how even Bayless has this on his menu but he doesn’t have the
rotisserie and while his inflatable slide marinade is great and I do enjoy his dish
these are what it’s all about: two tacos in a red plastic basket with
some limes and your choice of red or green hot sauce.

The chicken burrito was very shredded and had lots of sour cream in it
so I oopted out of a taste. The mexican sausage choriqueso (sp?) was a
ground sausage taco with lettuce tomato and sour cream on top. Tasty as

The tacos al pastor and the horchata hit the spot.

Taqueria Uptown
1144 W. Bryn Mawr
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Taqueria Uptown also has a spot on Lawerence as well as the Los Arcos restaurant on Clark. Guess those are now in the periphery.