Pizzeria Uno vs. "Uno Chicago Grill"

March 21 2006 - 12:03 PM

First there was Uno. Now it’s “Uno Chicago Grill.” When I was a kid I remember loving dinners at Uno. The walk down to the eating area, the scratched up tables… the pizza. Then I left town and reminisced for many years. Imagine my surprise one day, in Madison Wisconsin, seeing jumpers for sale on the corner an Uno’s. I dragged my then girlfriend inside. Oops. The long and the short is that it wasn’t Pizzeria Uno. It was an Edwardo’s or a Gino’s or a Giordano’s or a _____. It was not an Uno. It’s part of the reason I won’t recommend any place other than Unos or Dues on Wabash and Ohio…  Looking at their website… www.unos.com I cringe at the language:

“The new Uno Chicago Grill menu, introduced in fall 2005, offers hip and
intense new tastes that are built on Uno’s history of artisanal fare.”

What? The place made freakin Pizza. It wasn’t an Italian gourmet restaurant. There were no wood burning ovens, no artisianal ingredients. Mozzarella. Tomatoes… a handcrafted bread we all call “crust.”

The name’s now Uno Chicago Grill… First off. Your place is Uno.
Call it that. It means pizza. Chicago Grill means burgers. Way to lose
your identity.

“True to the traditions of Chicago’s famous speakeasies, more attention is being paid to the bar area.”

it’s a speakeasy? Ike Sewell opened a pizza restaurant in 1943 and now
it’s a speakeasy and grill with artisanal miscellany including Mexican

So what? The bottom line is that a miracle is still happening. In
spite of the chain’s complete mechanical bull for sale sanitizing, the two original locations
plug away and make delicious pies. If you’re visiting downtown you
really ought to go and not only see what you’re missing but see what
this new franchise is missing as well.

Pizzeria Uno
29 E. Ohio
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Pizzeria Due
619 N. Wabash
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