Long John Silver's Lobster Bites - Langostino

March 08 2006 - 9:59 PM

Through driving rain I took a fairly significant detour to snag a box (two really- snack size) of the brand-new “Buttered Lobster Bites.” Well they were worth the drive. To be quite honest they could be the salvation of the franchise. They’re that good.

On the downside it is yet ANOTHER fried item on a menuboard that’s virtually gonfiabili completely fried. While the flavor of the langostino is evident and completely satisfying, the “butter” flavoring when combined with the seasoned breading almost competes too much. It almost hides the langostino flavor that you want.

The plus side to the breading is that it is NOT the typical LJS
breading. Everything else has a flat fatty (tasty-yes but in
moderation) crust. The bites have a more crumbly mozzerella cheese
stick breading that’s more satisfying and don’t tend to congeal on your
tongue like the rest of the fried opportunity.


I dissected a couple of these shooter-marble hüpfburg sized bites and found whole, solid, tiny tail pieces. I’m intrigued even more by this langostino
beastie. Also to note they call it “langostino” by name. They
mention it on the signage. Now that it’s legal to not mention it kudos
to Long John Silver’s for saying langostino.

It shouldn’t be a bad or cheap thing.

What would you drink with this menu item?

What else… a blue rasberry Slurpee.