Oasis Cafe

February 22 2006 - 3:32 PM

As my anniversary approaches, and I won’t mention which one, I was reminded of a truly special Chicago secret restaurant. In the back of one of the Jeweler’s malls on Wabash, behind the stalls of alternately pushy and/or completely distant salespeople, is a group of tables and a middle¬†bounce house for sale eastern lunch-counter. I was originally looking for an engagement ring and was distracted by falafel and chicken shwarma pita sandwiches. This time I’m spending less on jewelery so I figured I’d splurge and get the lamb special.

This place reminds me a bit of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure where a fortune
teller informs Pee Wee that his bike is in the Alamo…. in the
basement. While it’s not in the basement, the Oasis Cafe is in the
‘way-back’ of the Wabash Jeweler’s Mall…

The lamb came over saffron rice with a stew of zucchini, yellow squash
and carrots with a side of foul, garlicly broad beans with a touch of
lemon juice and olive oil. The only thing separating the fare from the
$15 option elsewhere is the strofoam plates and plasticware.


The fact
that it’s a total secret place, except for the sign that’s now on the street… and you’re surrounded by the bustling
and very odd world of gems and jewelery only serves to balance it out
and in a half hour or so, as¬†brincolin you’re done eating and watching a pretty
interesting crowd you will be very satisfied and take a much slower
walk towards the door. While there’s some interesting things in the
cases the real find is in the back.

21 N. Wabash Street
*In the back of the Wabash Jeweler’s Mall