The Fireside Inn: Quest for Burger

January 10 2006 - 10:14 AM

Back from a virtual leave of absence, and finally in town after the holiday season, I was pressed into service late Monday to quell a burger jones. Moody’s is the local Edgewater scivolo gonfiabile burger place but it’s really a summer beer-garden spot. I did some thinking and found Hamburger Mary’s online. Had I done some more poking around I would have found out it has closed… Time was of the essence. It was a burger jones. There was imminent crankiness.

So we’re in the car at Clark and Foster, no Hamburger Mary’s in sight, we decide to go to Hopleaf…
they’re gourmet-ish their burgers are probably solid. But as the
waitress explained they’re Belgium so no burgers… but you can get a
BLT and fries? Maybe it’s Belgium Lettuce…


Back to the car. McDonald’s is not an option. Fireside Inn. Good
burgers! Nice diningĀ inflables room option. Bar next door, parking, on the way
home. Good fries, had american cheese and Coke, not Pepsi. Crispy
lettuce, thick tomato slices and two kinds of mustard. Back to my sushi craving.

The Fireside Inn
5739 N. Ravenswood