Brunch at Tahoora

January 16 2006 - 12:27 PM

Tahoora, on Devon, is part restaurant and part bakery. While waiting for breakfast I scored a couple of sweets that were basically really sweet, wet donutĀ inflatable obstacle course holes they were either gulab jamun or very similar. Although I’ve never had it served without the bowl of sugary rosewater.

Halva Puri is a breakfast dish made from semolina, sugar, fruit and ghee. When you order it you get a styrofoam tray molded into 5 portions,
T.V. dinner style. All in all you get spicy chickpeas, a potato dish,
yogurt and tomato sauce, hot sauce and the halva puri.

The large flat
puriĀ  is droppped in a vat of oil and fried for a few seconds and
served puffy and cooked, gradually deflating as it cools. Everything is
meant to be eaten with the puri… I need to go back. I ate my halva
with my fork. (Well they GAVE me a fork)


The halva is orange with pistachios on top and a shiny layer of ghee
(clarified butter). It’s not super sweet but is very flavorful and gets
sweeter as you eat it. There is lots of butter in and on it. Boy was it

2345 W. Devon