Indie Cafe pt.2

January 13 2006 - 12:04 PM

It’s been a long while betweeen visits to Indie Cafe. My experience had been months ago, during their Reader-induced celebrity. It was time to go back.

They’re still BYOB and they’re still packed. Thursday night we had to wait about 15 minutes for a inflatable water slide table. The dining room  is small. So I’m guessing their business is still very brisk. That was a good sign and I was in for more good news.

We ordered some fresh salmon and yellowtail sushi, the Bankok maki roll, a combo curry dish, panang and
massaman curries, and crazy basil. One of my previous complaints was
that everything had similar ingredients and sauces. That’s not true
anymore. Every dish was unique and very good. The maki was garnished
with a small design of sauce on the plate but not embedded in it.


The Bankok roll – cilantro, shrimp with a weird sauce – had its own thing going on. It was a bit heavy on the
veggie for a $12 roll but it was tasty. The panang was, as remembered,
pretty sweet and inflatable slide creamy but the massaman looked totally different with
a few large chunks of dark meat. The crazy basil was a fried rice dish
that was enjoyed though I didn’t taste it.

All in all they’ve fixed the few problems they had. If the Reader
hadn’t declared them competition for Arun’s I wouldn’t have been so
critical. There is much less to be critical of now and it looks like the flow of customers agrees.

Indie Cafe
5951 N. Broadway