The Hershey's Store

November 09 2005 - 11:02 AM

Right across the street from Ghiradelli’s is now The Hershey’s Store. I didn’t know what to expect when I took a look inside but boy was I disappointed.

I don’t have kids though the promise of chocolate is an obsessive diversion for most people. A little girl was the center of attention in the small store as she was urged to shout “I love chocolate!” Upon doing so she was rewarded with a loud rumbling and several fistfulls of candies were sent spinning down an apparatus and into a bucket which was sealed and sold to the little girl’s mom.

Yes. This is the prelude or postlude to the American Girl Doll Store.
While adults with sugar-addled bouncy castle for sale decision making synapses would likely
gravitate towards Ghiradelli’s rich chocolate ice cream sundae
creations, the kids with the newbie-addict’s enthusiasm are driven to
what they know… Reese’s! Hersheys! Kisses! Ooooh! The Packaging! A
Reese’s hat… well the Reese’s hat is pretty nifty but beyond the
chocolate dispensing apparatus the store is pretty much a mini-bakery
and some half-assed seating in the back. It’s like an airport
distraction. It’s not that cool.

It makes me think that in a town with a history of Chocolate we have
two “destination” locations, Ghirdelli’s and Hershey’s, that have nothing to do with Chicago.
Jelly Belly, Garrett’s Popcorn, Fannie Mae,  Frango Mints and even
Vosges should be destinations for sweet lovers. I would rather road
trip to Hershey PA. The Hershey Museum actually looks like a real destination.