Kizoku Pt.3 - Body Sushi

November 08 2005 - 3:16 PM


*Kizoku has closed.Sm_bodysushi3

Eddy is from Vegas and he’s bored. So what do you do? Bring nyotaimori to Chicago… Hell, it worked in Vegas.

What better way to compete with the foie gras legal hullabaloo than a good old fashioned naked lady.

Nyotaimori is Japanese sushi¬†toboggan gonflable presentation on the torso of a naked lady (covered with strategically placed items – so not really nude in the “nude” sense of the word). Though it is, as far as Wikipedia says, not a royal custom but one “generally associated with prostitution and the Yakuza… ”

Needless to say, it sounds like damn good business. And, since I promised to head back to Kizoku for dinner, I brought my camera…

The $500 body sushi “all you can eat” is served in the lounge. Meals
run about an hour and a half. As it’s a pretty dark room, I got some
shots and went back to the dining room to eat.

It seems like the body-thing is getting them lots of press. People
should be glad that the restaurant is actually quite good and will
likely gain some loyal customers.


The chef mentioned that he would make a roll to your namesake. If you like squid and blue cheese you’d get a “Suzieroll” or something like that. He gave us handroll specials with red and super-red tuna, tempura flakes and something else… spicy sauce? It was great.

He followed it up with a special “Raging Bull” maki with jumpers for sale green peppers, shitake mushroom, Japanese gourd, octopus and crab. Holey-Moley! My wife, who’s allergic to green peppers, ate half of the pieces. They were fantastic.

Japanese red snapper sashimi, “madai” (pictured) was awesome. It was cut fresh from the fish and served with black tobiko, olive oil and a bit of cilantro on top. Highlight of the meal. Sm_madaisushi

The other roll was the Pacific maki: spicy tuna with white tuna on top. It had a singular flavor that was spicy but rounded off and lighter than everything else, save the madai sashimi. The white tuna really changed the flavor in a great way.

My wife agreed that the soy marinated salmon was unique but she didn’t like it that much. Her overall comment was that with specialty options this good the standards were just that.

Given the body-sushi in the other room and the beautiful decor it has to be said that the highlight is still the excellent sushi and sashimi.

358 W. Ontario