Caracas Grill

November 28 2005 - 11:01 AM

So my memory isn’t the greatest but here it goes…

Across the street (basically) from Thien Noodles is the Caracas Grill. They just painted a new sign a few weeks ago. It wasn’t really noticable before that. The sign says South American food with Carribean flavor or something to that effect. The restaurant is however (as Caracas implies, and the pictures of Ozzie Guillen reinforce) Venezuelan. Why they don’t put that on their sign I couldn’t inflatable obstacle course guess. On a Wednesday before Thanksgiving this place was empty. The owner was very curious about how we heard of the place and what we thought and the service was friendly.

We ordered an avocado salad thing, and empanadas for appetizers. They gave us mini-arepas with a dipping sauce that were really tasty. The chicken empanada was spicy and tasty but the avocado salad was better. It was served on a