November 15 2005 - 3:51 PM

This Italian spot in Andersonville used to have that red carbet, booth and disco feel of a spot that’s been there and been doing that for a while. They opened a shmancier option next door and then chucked it all and just remodeled the two together. Lots of the character is gone but the old-school menu stayed the same.

They have a good takeout menu where prices are cheaper. It’s a warm
comfortable place for warm comfy food. The cream sauces are creamy…
The tomato sauce is terrific inflatable water slide and their steaks and fish are as good as
you’d think they could be. My favorite item is available in a single
smaller portion as an appetizer or an entree. The eggplant rotolo has
the flavors of eggplant parmesean and a portion style of manicotti.
It’s wonderful. A glass of wine, an order of eggplant and, if you’ve
just finished a marathon, tiramisu and espresso to round out a perfect
comfort-food meal. Man it’s getting dark early.

I’m not sure if they’re still around but Amy and the Mix used to¬† play
occasional evenings. They’re a Filipino band that plays sets of Disco
and they’re good.


5343 N. Clark