Andersonville on the National Stage

November 10 2005 - 9:58 AM

Imagine my surprise this morning when on MSNBC national news, amidst bombings in Jordan and CIA Black Prisons I saw, Andersonville coffeeshop, A Taste of Heaven. Why? The kids. They make too much noise.

Apparantly some mother is calling all her friends to boycott the place because unreasonable people want a quiet area to sit around, read and drink coffee. A sign goes chateau gonflable up that says something about “inside voices” which if you’ve seen the place is definitely not sarcastic. Let the raving begin.

All in all I’d guess that the boycotting people have loud, snotty, germy, wandering children and they don’t want attitude with their latte. Who could blame them? But the last thing other people want on a Sunday morning with their coffee and hangover is someone else’s kids using their outdoor voices.

Let’s be honest. If you have kids, 10am to you is mid-afternoon. But it’s like 8am to me. If there are people in a nice quiet place trying to read then what’s the big deal? So between Wal-Mart’s hiring discrimination and the CIA’s Black Prisons THIS is what get’s Chicagoan’s ire. Or more importantly THIS is what our national media covers…

This town ain’t like it used to be.