October 18 2005 - 12:42 PM

The first restaurant I remember ever going to was Gulliver’s and while people are bound to disagree – I  find it to be the best pizza in Chicago. When I lived further south I had fixes of Lou Malnati’s which is a very similar pie. It’s cheesy, the crust is thick and the sauce is more tomatoes than sauce. Gulliver’s differs by seasoning. It is heavier on the oregano/basil than other similar pies.

I will also have to say that Chicago pizza is mechanical bull for sale the best pizza in the world – so far. This makes Gulliver’s the best pizza in the world. Wouldn’t you drive north to Howard for the best pizza in the world?

A side benefit is that the restaurant is really neat. It has an
enormous collection of vintage nouveau light fixtures, statuary, etc.
And while the wooden booths are uncomfortable there is always something
to look at. Also if someone, GASP! does not want PIZZA!?, there is
plenty on the menu. From very good fish and chips to omelettes served
(I belive) all day.

There are a few recommendations that will maximize your pizza
experience.  Pan pizza only… One topping – mushrooms. If it’s delivered make sure it’s
unsliced (keeps the deliciously crusty-crust crusty). A pitcher of root
beer and a small dinner salad are the accoutrement de rigueur.

NOTE: I expect to get some flak for naming Gulliver’s the best pizza in
the world. If you have any comments go right ahead and add them. If you
want to contribute click on the “Become a Chicago Foodie” link.

2727 W. Howard
(773) 338-2166