Renga Tei

September 03 2005 - 3:46 PM

I have pestered my wife to go to Renga-Tei by imitating Jodie Foster in Nell and saying it fast… Renga-Taaaay… after our suprise bank-busting trip to Katsu she was worried that we’d have to break into triple digits for dinner again. Fortuantely not.

Renga-Tei is on Touhy just past Wholly Frijoles. Considering the delay for a table at Wholly a 5 minute walk west will land you a spot that not only has a firm grasp on sushi but cooked Japanese options as well.

In fact the real similarity between Katsu and Renga-Tei are the
Japanese that eat there. I mechanical bull for sale would go out on a limb and suggest a
non-sushi meal at either would be fabulous and that’s the next step for
me with Renga. I stuck to sushi this first visit and prices were reasonable.

The pieces were nice and all in all it reminded me of Torajiro (I know,
you’re all sick of hearing about Torajiro). Where Katsu surprised me
with robust flavors of fish this was pretty pedestrian. Their rolls
were solid but nothing shocking.

We also had an appetizer of yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) that ended up arriving after we had eaten our sushi.

All said and done the atmosphere was pleasant and I would definitely go back and stick to non-sushi entrees.

3956 W. Touhy Ave.