Osteria Via Stato

September 14 2005 - 8:56 AM

Osteria Via Stato embraces the lifestyle of Italian dining…” from the “Lettuce Entertain You” website.

Without getting into the whole restaurant chain vs. traditional Italian lifestyle thing I’ll just say it does this gobs better than the Olive Garden.

I wanted a nice lunch and have beenĀ inflatable water slide curious about Osteria and their fixed price lunch. The price on it has dropped from $19 to $15 which with tax and tip ends up being $20… If you can rationalize $20 for lunch it’s money well spent.

From the initial small plate of mixed olives the tastes came quickly
and in nice doses: Cucumbers in virgin oil with onions, thinly sliced
salami with slate-like chunks of a crumbled hard cheese and wonderful
baked onions.

The main was a pounded chicken dredged and fried but seemingly finished
in the oven in a clear broth that tasted terrific. A side of broad
beans maybe (well they were broad) cooked perfectly was the side passed
table to table. I appreciated the offering of more of anything.
Everything was good and I was not wanting.

Ideally a long lunch and a glass of wine or two would be the way to go. Water on this occasion.

Osteria Via Stato

620 N. State St.