Mekato's Bakery

August 15 2005 - 11:32 AM


Buñuela’s are a powdered-cheese-rolled-and-fried- crisp-bread-thing. Eating one started with a sliding crispy knaw that punctured then cracked the dusty shell and led to the fluffy center. Subsequent chewing combined the flavor and texture into a dynamic twist on a comfort-food staple… Cheesy bread.

Mekato’s is a Colombian bakery on Lincoln several blocks north of
Foster. I get a great straight razor shave and a haircut at Frank’s
next door and it was a jumpers for sale curious day where I was able to snag a couple of
corn arepas, kind of a sweet corn-meal pancake with squeaky melted
cheese on top. It backs up my suspicion that almost everything served
warm in Colombia must be fried and is very likely to have ground meat

I haven’t tried the sweets yet but I’m due for a cut, maybe today even, and I’m looking forward to it.

Mekato’s Colombian Bakery
5423 N. Lincoln