Kizoku Part Two

August 10 2005 - 1:52 PM

*Kizoku has closed.

The first time at Kizoku I stuck to their salmon variations to good effect…

This time I decided against a jaunt down to Chinatown in favor of a quick, albeit more expensive, bite of raw fish. The choice actually was made at the front door. With Chilpancingo five steps away I was thinking hard. The banner’s promise of a new lunch menu for Kizoku sealed the deal. It’s news. They have a lunch menu.

That being said I DID eat very well for $20. I opted out of pieces in
favor of the sashimi appetizer 3 pieces of tuna, 3 of salmon and two of
yellowtail -$11, a spicy shrimp handroll $4, and a deluxe spicy tuna
roll $5.

The sashimi was served in a beautiful fashion.  A cucumber garnish
fanned out like peacock feathers, the tuna shaped into a rose. It
tasted fine. I did find a centimeter long pin-bone in a piece of salmon
and am surprised it doesn’t happen more. I wouldn’t freak and disown a
sushi bar for something like that either but it did give me pause.

The spicy shrimp handroll was wrapped perfectly and the mayo-spicy was
a touch creamy. The sesame mechanical bull for sale seeds were toasted light and it really hit
the spot. 3 of those and that’s lunch for me.

The spicy tuna deluxe roll I didn’t realize was spicy until I got it.
It was good. The terrific addition of avocado, cucumber and masago made it Deluxe. There are two kinds of spicy that I can see. One is a pink
mayo version and the other is an orange mayo-less version. I prefer the
pink-mayo. Though this was the other it was still very good.

All in all I was happy. I did get stellar service but have to not that
it was 12:45 and I was the only person there. The whole time…
consequently a sip of water was rewarded with a refill. And so on.

I would go back. The next time I think dinner is in order. It seems
like a fun place for a group. They reference their sake bar and taking
the location into account it could be the start of a fun, if not
expensive evening.

358 W. Ontario
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