Bijan's Bistro

August 12 2005 - 3:48 PM

As usual around 1:20 I start regretting not having eaten already. Also at this time I start losing the ability to rationally decide on a lunch solution. I went to the cafeteria and passed on the options there. I weighed going to Silver Spoon again or the food court at 700 N. Michigan. Instead I decided to be adventerous and walk west… and see what would happen.

I saw Thai Star at the corner of State and Erie and also Bijan’s Bistro and figured I’d try Thai Star and save a buck or two but as I got closer I noticed they were closed…. Decision made.

I walked in and Bijan’s wood interiors and nice bar made the intended upscale impression.¬† The menu was a bit more deli than I expected and I was pleased. A corned beef sandwich sounded like a good option, especially if I was hungrier. As did the meatloaf or burger options… I noticed the smoked salmon appetizer and figured I’d have that, a salad and a glass of white wine. The Cubs game was on and I had the time.

The salmon plate and salad arrived at the same time. The sheer volume of salmon was impressive. For a $9 appetizer it certainly was a meal-sized mechanical bull for sale amount. The giant capers were a nice addition as was the mustard spread on the crusty toasted bread underneath the fish. The $3 salad was also a generous amount and the balsamic vinagrette went well with the pinot grigio and the salmon.

While it seemed to be an atypical meal at a meat eater’s environment I did enjoy it. The grated onion on top of the salmon was an appreciated touch. The waitress allowing me the return of a white zinfandel when I meant sauvignon blanc was much appreciated.

Bijan’s Bistro
663 N. State