Bamee Noodle Shop

July 13 2005 - 1:03 PM

Having spent most of my recent years in the Lakeview area of Chicago I developed a few regular spots along the Broadway strip between Diversey and Belmont. I went back to one of them this past week and got what I used to usually get – Bamee Soba…

That being said their entree’s are very good. I gravitate to their noodle soups which seem to be their specialty. It’s very reasonably priced and in addition to Thai iced teas you can get beer and wine.

Bamee Soba is a sweet dish with tasty lo mein noodles mixed with dried shittakes
and an assortment of stir fry. I order mine with tofu… It did take me
a minute to remember that mechanical bull for sale but I enjoyed it the same as I used to. The
other entree was the stir fried veggies. Simple and healthy but not
much more than that. They do fire up a good crab wonton as well as an
excellent Pad Thai but we opted out this time. I chugged water and iced
tea due to the weather and a heavy bag I was lugging around and the
waitstaff was attentive. The food arrived 5 minutes after ordering, if
that… and the yellow walls of the restaurant didn’t drive me nuts the
way they say yellow should.

I would recommend Bamee though I know some find it pasé. For Thai food
in the area it’s excellent and a good option in general as well. Shame
on me for including it so late in the bevy of Thai restaurants I
frequent. I think the difficulties parking in that area primarilly play
into it.

Bamee Noodle Shop

3120 N. Broadway