Taste Of Chicago

June 23 2005 - 10:22 AM

One of the best things about Chicago is the diversity of foods. For a city that get’s labelled “a big small town” I would say Chicago gives any city a run for their money¬†toboggan gonflable when it comes to authentic ethnic. From Korean to Peruvian a true Taste of Chicago would need to embrace these qualities. Instead we get a Six Flaggs style Taste of Chicago.

Like it or not it is a chance to see ex-Chicago Bears and eat mall-food out in the heat with the midwest’s best and sweatiest. If you work downtown a late lunch is the least painful way to walk through “Taste”.

And you might as well get the fried foods. It’s best suited to the type of venue and you are likely to find a variety… and besides how many Italian Beef sammies and slices of pizza can you eat?

Here’s a link to a good map of layout and restaurants represented.

and if you aren’t into the fried food…

Here are a few you may want to try:

Maxine’s Jamaican Cuisine
Kendall College Cafe
Star of Siam – not my favorite place but very good.
Sweet Baby Ray’s – an institution like it or not…
Harold’s Chicken #13 everyone’s got a Harold’s chicken story…
Los Dos Laredos… is it me or is this the ONLY Mexican restaurant in the list? TRAVESTY!